The AICOR virtual building is set to feature a variety of robot competition arenas, including the RoboCup@Home arena, alongside competitions from the European Network of Excellence Centers in Robotics. These will cover several categories such as Industrial Robots, Service Robots, and Outdoor Robots League. Additionally, the facility will include benchmarking laboratories specifically designed for evaluating the cognitive capabilities of AICOR robots. This comprehensive setup not only fosters a competitive spirit but also serves as a platform for advancing robotics technology and assessing cognitive advancements in robots.

The Virtual RoboCup@Home Arena

The virtual RoboCup@Home arena stands as a platform where student and researcher teams converge to forge the future of service and assistive robot technologies tailored for personal domestic use. As the premier international competition for autonomous service robots, it represents a significant segment of the broader RoboCup initiative, drawing participants from around the globe annually. Within this virtual arena, robots undergo a series of benchmark tests designed to rigorously evaluate their abilities and performance in an intricately simulated, realistic home environment that does not adhere to a standardized setting. The competition’s scope encompasses a wide range of domains including, but not limited to, Human-Robot Interaction and Cooperation, Navigation and Mapping in dynamic environments, Computer Vision and Object Recognition in varying lighting conditions, Object Manipulation, Adaptive Behaviors, Behavior Integration, Ambient Intelligence, as well as Standardization and System Integration. This diverse focus aims to push the envelope in autonomous domestic robotics, challenging teams to innovate in ways that significantly enhance the practicality and integration of robots into everyday life.

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The euROBIN Coopetition (= Cooperative Competition) Arenas

The euROBIN Coopetition arenas represent a groundbreaking approach to robotics competitions, blending cooperation with competition across three distinct euROBIN leagues, each designed to address key societal challenges through robotic innovation. In the realm of ”Robotic manufacturing for a circular economy”, the Industrial Robots League introduces a novel competition focused on robotic manipulation, featuring an industry-endorsed benchmark that utilizes an internet-connected electronic task board. This board, equipped with a battery-powered microcontroller, meticulously records user interactions and task execution times, broadcasting this data to a public web dashboard and EuroCore for comprehensive analysis. The ”Personal robots for enhanced quality of life and well-being” league challenges participants to push the boundaries of service and assistive robot technology, with a particular emphasis on applications within personal and domestic settings. Meanwhile, the ”Outdoor robots for sustainable communities” league aims to advance the capabilities of autonomous delivery robots, covering both aerial and ground-based platforms, in support of creating more sustainable communities. Together, these arenas foster a unique ”Coopetition” environment where innovation, collaboration, and competitive spirit drive the development of robotics solutions tailored to meet pressing global needs.

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